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This Blog is based off of Disney's MMO Disney Fairies in this MMO you can live the life of Fairies. Chat with friends, Buy Stuff, Make Clothes and Housing Items, and do Quests. You first must Create a Fairy. After you decide on her look you must choose her Talent. Talents are the things that fairies can do. The 5 Talents are : Light, Water, Animal, Garden, and of course Tinker. You get quests from the Original Disney Faires : Silvermist, Tinkerbell, Rosetta, Irridessa, and Fawn. After you make your Fairy, Pick her talent, now its time to take the tutorial. The Leading Fairy of your Talent will take you into Cotton Puff Field (You can get Quests from Tink there). you collect Blueberries, Talk to Tink, play a game and more. Once you have finished with that you finally are on your own. My newest Fairy is a Tinker Named Copperbell. I try to name the fairy so it sounds good with the talent. I mean does Chipmunk sound good for a Garden-Talent, or Petunia for an Animal-Talent? No. Like my first EVER fairy Raven Bubblefly. You might think it doesn't suit a Water-Talent but it does because of BUBBLE. Raven has been in Pixie Hollow since October 9, 2008. That is almost 2 years! I had stopped Pixie Hollow for a while but I ended up going back. If I hadn't gone back I wouldn't have met my BFF on Pixie Hollow May Neverflower. I'll give you one guess as to her Talent. If you guessed Garden you're right. Well, That's the Discription of Pixie Hollow. Thank You. Fly With You!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice in Wonderland has Arrived

Hello other fairies! I have made an excellent discovery. In Acorn Summit, in Summit Style there are new outfits. From Dulcie (the cooking fairy), to Clover outfits, to new Alice in Wonderland! The new outfit is based off of the new Alice in Wonderland movie! Now I have just collected the whole outfit just for you! Now I shall show you my Wonderland Spring Outfit collection from Pixie Hollow! as you can see I changed a few info. things. But mostly you see .... Raven in Wonderland! She is also wearing a black headband but it doesn't show because of her black hair. Now there is also a Green & Pink version (I will not run around with those colors together sorry). So there you have it!

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